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Meet the Crew

Cornerstone Associates serves over 100 adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities in the greater Benton and Linn County areas, helping to give all people the opportunity to do excellent work and achieve greater levels of self-sufficiency.

Meet the full crew

Lin Musick

Associate Since 2015
"I used to have a hard life and calling me by the name Lin is a sign of respect." Lin Musick

The first thing you might learn upon meeting Taylor Street Oven’s most recent (and perhaps most gregarious) employee, Peterline Musick is that she wants to be called Lin. When asking her about the source of her very unusual first name, you will be met a slight smile, and a rolling of eyes which will inform you that the subject is closed.

Lin: I used to have a hard life and calling me by the name Lin is a sign of respect.

Cornerstone: How long have you been working at Taylor Street Ovens?

L: Not two weeks, I am pretty sure that I am the newest employee.

C: Have you ever worked in a bakery before?

L: No, I took Culinary in High School in Lincoln City. I lived there with my parents who adopted me. I am from West Africa and moved here when I was 13.

C: What was it like to move from West Africa to Lincoln City?

L: It was scary and like I said, life was hard for me. I took care of my siblings a lot.

C: What are some of the differences between West Africa and Oregon?

L: Can you tell I like food? The food was different there, I had a garden there, lots of vegetables which I still love.  One thing I learned to cook in Culinary was Omelets, and I still make vegetable omelets all the time and I have a vegetable garden here with tomatoes, cucumbers and peppers.

C: How did you get a job at TSO?

L: I was volunteering at the Carousel in Albany, I did many things there including carving horses. Eventually I got an application for work at TSO and I filled it out. Here I am.

C: What was your first day at TSO like?

L: I was nervous, maybe scared, but everyone was nice and they showed me around. After that they had me scooping cookies, I really liked that. Now I am learning how to make sandwiches.

C: Do you have a favorite sandwich at TSO?

L: Ham and pickles is a basic sandwich, but it’s my favorite.

C: What do you like best about working at TSO?

L: It has to be the people. They are so nice and I am learning many new things. Learning about being responsible is maybe the most important. I love to work and I think the best thing about America is that you can work and you have a chance to get the things you want. For instance I think I might like to work with children in the future. I am learning sign language and I think that is something I would like to share with them.

C: Thanks for a great interview Lin… now for a silly question. Who is your favorite pop singer?

L: Well, one of my favorite singers is Carrie Underwood because she is a great role model who dresses appropriately and cares about her music and her fans.

C: Thank you for a great interview Lin.

Jon Hollis

Associate Since 1995
"If I work hard I can reach my goals" John Hollis

Ask Jon Hollis about his experience with Cornerstone Associates and he’ll tell you that he has been participating in our employment training programs for “six years and six months”. Jon started at Cornerstone Wood Products, eventually moving to Cornerstone Landscape Maintenance until landing a position at Taylor Street Ovens. Discovering the best fit for an employee is an important part of the process of self reliance. Jon’s mother comments, “For the past five years I’ve been working at Taylor Street Ovens and then just three weeks ago I got a job at Corvallis Tool Company, where they make heavy machinery”.

While Jon still works part-time at Taylor Street Ovens, he is making the transition to a job at Corvallis Tool Company where he will initially work as a Janitor. Jon’s new position will require a high degree of self-reliance, Jon’s mother, Janine comments on this. “Jon has been wanting a job that is more mainstream. He is high functioning autistic, so I felt sure that he would be capable of doing janitorial work, and doing it well. He was nervous at first. I explained to him that we are all nervous a little bit when we start a new job, and that is normal. He is already quite comfortable with this new job. In fact he says to me on weekends “I can’t wait to go to work tomorrow, I love my new job”.

Jon is excited about his job and has learned that advancement and success occurs over time. “At Taylor Street Ovens I have worked hard and improved over 5 years. I tried scooping cookies and other things, but now have worked my way up to full time janitorial. I had lots of anxieties but I have learned to focus, and to get my work done”.

Jon’s mother expands on this. “Taylor Street Ovens has helped Jon learn that there are rules in the work place that we all need to follow, regardless of who we are or where we work. When he first starting working there, he used to say to me “Mom, there is just so much to learn”. But eventually he caught on to what his job requirements are, and as time went by he got very good at doing those requirements, and it has really helped his self-esteem and confidence”.

Jon is excited about his new job at Corvallis Tools. “It pays well and I can work my way up, maybe even to heavy machinery. If I work hard I can reach my goals”. Says his mother, “Jon sees himself as an achiever, goal oriented and grateful for the network of people in his life that want to see him achieve everything he strives for. Jon has a very enthusiastic personality. He is the MC for a few bands that play locally in Corvallis on weekends. Because of his outgoing personality, he fits the job perfectly and he sure enjoys himself”.

When asked how he would like to end this story, Jon said: “When I get home I like to pick up my guitar and shred! My favorite song is called “The Trooper” by Iron Maiden. I like it because it gives me bright ideas about my future. I love the people at Cornerstone, we all focus and get our work done, and the most bodacious people work at Cornerstone”.

Heidi Hays

Associate Since 2013
"I've learned a lot about baking and it has helped me to become more independent." Heidi Hays

Interview with Heidi Hays at Taylor Street Ovens

B: How long have you been working at Taylor Street Ovens

H: Almost two years now, November 22nd will be two years.

B: What was the first job you had at TSO?

H: Scooping and wrapping cookies. I didn’t like that part, it was hard for me to scoop. After a while I talked to Jeff and Naomi about it and they understood and helped me to find a new job here. Now I’m a baker. I make coffeecake, rice crispy treats, brownies, scones and lots more. I also help with pies.

B: What is your favorite part of your job?

H: Making food from scratch, I’ve learned a lot about baking and it has helped me become a lot more independent. I am planning on moving out of my residential home, having more freedom, it feels good. This is the longest job I’ve ever had, I like coming to work every day. Another part I like a lot is talking to customers, they treat me with respect and have always been nice to me. I also like helping out Cornerstone because they have helped me, like for our fundraiser, I peeled lots of potatoes, I mean a lot of potatoes!

B: What is your favorite baked good here at TSO?

H: Apple pies, I help out baking them and I like Thanksgiving best here at TSO because that’s when we bake the most apple pies.

B: Thanks Heidi, that was a great interview, is there anything you want to add?

H: Just that Cornerstone really treats me with respect, they don’t judge people based on their disabilities.

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