Cornerstone Associates Inc. Community Access Program (CA)
Manager: Bruce Burris
Address: 1435 SE Crystal Lake Drive
Corvallis, OR 97333
Phone: (541) 257-2139


Like you, our lives here at Community Access have been disrupted by COVID-19. However we continue to reach out to our associates via mail correspondence, phone calls and other media. These check-ins are important as we continue to develop personalized Day Service Activities for your return. We anticipate a gradual reopening of activities and we will notify our associates as we proceed. In the meantime we are engaging virtually via activities conceived by our artist in residence and have also created a gardening program, distributing tomato plants and garden supplies and related support to our associates. These are but a few of the ways we are continuing to engage during this time.

Cornerstone’s Community Access Program (CA)

Cornerstone’s Community Access Program (CA) offers a variety of educational, recreational and cultural enrichment opportunities. We believe a defining mark of a human being is the need and right to contribute to the community they live in. Many of those we support have traditionally been denied essential civic opportunities and responsibilities. Our mission is to collaborate in building and creating a rich community for all.

On-Campus… We are located on Crystal Lake Drive just a 5 minute walk to Willamette Park. On-campus there are opportunities to make friends, create art with professional artists in residence, grow plants in the garden, read and be read to, sing, participate in neighborhood bird counts. Some participants enjoy our “laid back” room which features soft lighting, games, puzzles and various other opportunities to socialize.

Out and about… We know that associates want to get out and really explore their community. We offer off-campus explorations every day, including our own neighborhood as we are only a 5 minute walk from Willamette Landing Park. Over the past few months we have visited educational and cultural sites such as Newport’s Hatfield Marine Science Center, the Jordan Schnitzer Museum of Art in Eugene and the Hallie Ford Museum in Salem. Locally we visit the Corvallis Arts Center and our public library often. Additionally we take part in scheduled art and craft classes at Maxtivity in Philomath and Oregon Supported Living Program (OSLP) in Eugene. This year we will tend a raised bed garden at SAGE, in Corvallis. Though we do much more than this we hope this list will provide an idea of our framework. We really want to hear what else people might find engaging.  We want to do what our associates want to do!

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